The World of Scarstone

Castell Henllys, Wales

Hillfort,  Castell Henllys, located in west Wales

This reconstructed Iron Age settlement in western Pembrokeshire was built exactly   on the site of an actual Celtic hillfort –post hole for post hole– where people lived for a good 600 years. Only four of the dozen roundhouses were made, but the construction and orientation are authenic replicas of the original structures. The characters in Scarstone live out their story in such landcapes as this, and thanks to the brilliance of recent archaeologic discoveries, the details of their 51AD world (terrain, fabrics, foods and herbs, metal smithing, boats, et cetera) are also authentic. In this blog I will share the discoveries that inspired my Celtic fantasy novel and spurred further travels from Cornwall to Loch Awe in Argyll, Scotland. I invite you to return to this site and join in the telling.

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